TimeScale features are designed to promote accessibility, efficiency, and productivity 

TimeScale makes it possible for every mining department to share their work and collaborate together by exchanging real time information  within a structured and organized environement.

Features built for productivity 

Planning and scheduling

Task dependencies

Add dependencies to ensure that new tasks cannot start before all its predecessors are completed.

Schedule View

View projects task start and finish dates, dependencies and other task details.

Date and Time

Set tasks planned start and due dates based on external schedule or excel files.

Data Manager

Synchronize projects tasks dates and metrics with external files.

Split Task

Divide task into multiple sub tasks to adjust details level and reduce planned vs realized schedule discrepancy.

Upcoming Tasks

See upcoming workload for teams enabling better resource distribution.

Project Management

Multiple Projects

Create and manage multiple projects and their information in one place.


Use template to quickly create projects based on internal or external scheduler or excel files.

Project Overview

Get the big picture and easily track projects progression.

Archive Projects

Build your own database history by archiving completed or canceled projects for later consulting purpose.


Create field to track important information related to your projects.

Task Management


Assign owners who are responsible of updating and completing their tasks.


Ensure quality control on each task by adding requirements check list to be filled by task owner before completing his task.


Get notified and choose to accept or decline any request or task assignment sent to you.

Priority and Indicator

Show waiting and critical tasks to ensure high priority tasks are completed first.

Task Details

Add descriptions, notes and comments to provide more context on tasks progression

and history in one place.

Production Quantity

Track quantities regarding task progression on a daily basis.

Team Collaboration


Create workgroups by adding teams and inviting users. Feel free to add any project you want under your workgroups without interfering with other teams work.

User Status

Easily identify available users by looking at the availability icon on their profile.

User Permissions

Customize users access level for each workgroup.

Team Workload

See all ongoing and available tasks shared within your teams. Quickly view each team member workload and any unassigned task.


Categorize your team workload and set capacities enabling better tasks distribution between team members.


Real-Time Discussions

Communicate directly with task owner by adding comment into his task comment log.


Invite other users to help you completing your tasks by sending them requests that contains specific requirements and due dates.


Get notified of any relevant comment or activity regarding projects and tasks you own or follow.


Subscribe to any task or project to get notified for any relevant activity change concerning them.

Activity Log

Consult tasks activity backlog to get a good overview of the actual situation.

Views and Navigation

Followed Item List

Build your custom lists and sections giving quick access to followed project and tasks.

Customized Reports

Compile and display tasks fields into customizable reports which can be saved and export to other formats.

Home View

Log into your own personal home view which displays only tasks, requests, discussions, projects and notifications relevant to you.

Advanced Search

Easily find and navigate to tasks or projects using the advanced search feature.

Workflow View

Display teams active and upcoming tasks in an easy to read Kanban or List View mode.